Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chillin' on LSD

Nice payus Ashie!

Went over to Creepy Uncle Vlad and Yelena's crib on Lake Shore Drive today to play with my pals Roni and Ashie (and Mysterio's daughter).

The field goal is good!

Asher wasn't quite as mad at the world as the last time I saw him but he did have his moments.

I've hungered for your touch

When he settled down, Ashie and I played nice and even held hands for a while. Hope Leo J and Tyler S don't get too mad that I'm holding around on them.

Roni almost pulled a Dave Kelly... asking for a kiss on the cheek and then turning for a little lip action

Welcoming me to the family, Roni gave me kisses and hugs -- which was a departure from her usual nose picking antics.

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