Thursday, December 25, 2008

Oh Dreidel I Shall Play

Oh Shin!

We celebrated Hannukah at Great-Aunt Sue and Great-Uncle Gary's today. As is customary, we played a little high stakes dreidel. Sure enough, cousins Rob and Sarah cleaned us out. Guess we'll have to start over on that college fund.

I hereby dub thee bagel queen

Cousin Ryan's gotten a lot bigger (and hairier!) since I last saw him at his 1-year birthday party. He took a break here from eating his bagel to try and snag my barret.

And why is he wearing Mommy's scarf?

Uncle Noah let me in on another Goldman holiday tradition... the wedgie!

Tivo that!

When it was my turn to eat, Mommy made me work for it -- tossing the puffs into my mouth.

Where's the coach's clicker?!?

Here's a closer look.

Does anyone actually read these hidden captions? If so, leave a comment so I know to keep 'em coming.

Finally it was time to open presents. I made out like a bandit but the most popular gifts of the night were...

Who knew math could be this much fun!?

...the full-bodied calculators -- weeee! Ryan was nice enough to share his with me and Daddy taught me his trick to remember the order of math equations -- Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sue.


All the excitement wore me out. I was party pooped.

Rock me gently

After the party, we went back to Bubbie and Zayde's where Uncle Noah resumed Project Wedgie...


... and Zayde cracked me up with his off, er... behind the wall antics.

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