Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2 Months Old!

Eliara Month 2

Today was my 2 month birthday. Just like they did when I hit 1 month, Mommy and Daddy propped me up in the big brown chair for a pic. This sign should really say, "I'm 1 month older and all I got was this stupid sign!"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dinner and a Movie (Hold the Dinner)

Pass the popcorn buddy

Mommy's been taking me to Tuesday matinees at Webster Place. The first show each Tues. is kid friendly (read: impossible to hear over the crying babies). Today we met up with my new boy toy, Alex and his mom, Stacey. This flick was a real snoozer!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Sleepover

Zayde feedin' me up before puttin' me down

Mommy and Daddy finally gave me up for a night so they could get some good sleep. After a wild day, Zayde calmed me down with a feeding before putting me to bed. I slept like a, well... baby all through the night. Can't say the same for my P's though.

Memory Laps

Went to Bubbie and Zayde's for a Pre-Memorial Day BBQ. Made the rounds (get it? rounds, laps -- hee hee) shaking hands and kissing babies -- check that, everyone else made the rounds shaking hands and kissing me. Here are the highlights...

Uncle Noah unclear on the concept of bunny ears

As always, the paparazzi was out in full force. Uncle Noah forgot how bunny ears work. You're supposed to put them on the person you're taking the picture of, silly!

Eliara and Uncle Noah

Now this would have been the perfect opportunity for bunny ears!

Uncle David and his bad haircut

Anytime I'm at Bubbie and Zayde's a game of Hot Potato ensues -- or shall I say Hot Patellie? Uncle David got his turn and gave me an up close and personal view of Supercuts' handiwork. Hey Uncle D, when you ask for a buzz cut, maybe you should ask for a barber that's not buzzed!

Zayde holding Ellie at arm's, er.... burp's length

Zayde was a bit unclear on the concept of interrupting a feeding for burps. I'm the one that's supposed to do the burping! At least he held me far enough away so I didn't have to smell it too much.

Remember, kid -- never split tens!

Great-Grandpa Irv patiently waited his turn for some Ellie time. And when it came, he took full advantage, pulling me close and sharing all his blackjack tips. I learned all about doubling down on 11 and splitting 8's. What am I supposed to do with 12 against a dealer's 2, though? I guess I'll have to wait until my next lesson. Or shall I say, I'll have to stick it out until me next lesson? Sorry, had to hit you with that one. I'll do anything for a good pun -- it's my ace in the hole. And please, withhold your comments about me not playing with a full deck -- I'm just 8 weeks old, sheesh!

Tongue In, er... Out of Cheek

If the post above was any indication, Memorial Day weekend at Bubbie and Zayde's was quite the oddball adventure. This 2 minute video captures the zaniness that is the Goldman M.O.

It starts with Uncle David making monkey faces at me to get me to smile. He must've seen the video I posted yesterday and taken notes on how Mommy got me to stick my tongue out and smile at her. Sure enough, I respond to Uncle D's animal antics and give him a tongue-lashing then a smile -- even though Great-Grandpa Irv suspects that it might've just been gas.

Knowing that the back and forth with Uncle D will make for good blog fodder, Daddy pans around the room to capture the cast of characters for posterity. Uncle Noah holds a little Fonzie Happy Days pose thinking that Daddy's taking a still picture. Hey, at least he didn't try the bunny ears again!

Then Dad gets the bright idea to record Bubbie taking pictures of Uncle D and me so you'll have to suffer thru about 10 seconds of viewing the scene thru Bubbie's camera display.

The video comes full circle as Uncle D goes back to the toungue trick to try and get another smile but I'm not having it. Undeterred, he makes a few more monkey faces and even gives me a raspberry but the magic is gone. Thankfully, Daddy shuts it off before Uncle D really goes bananas.

Memories... Like the Corner of My Mouth

I ain't saying she's a gold(man) digger!

What better way to remember this pre-Memorial Day soiree than a group shot? I thought I'd really leave my mark on this one by spitting up just as the pic was taken. Oh, you wanted me to say cheese? Sorry, I thought you said milk!

Rockin' the Blublockers

Ellie digs the Blublockers

Believe it or not, I do own a pair of shades that fit me. Auntie Em picked them out when she was in town. For some reason though, Daddy insists that I wear his and Mommy's sunglasses. He'll do anything for a good pic for the blog I guess. It's all good though -- I've got it made in the shade.

Et Tu Tutu?

Daddy wouldn't know a tutu if he saw one!

Finally, I'm starting to fit into my cute dresses. Yes, Daddy, that's just a dress -- not a tutu! I wish he would address it by its proper name!

I Can Count To 5!

Check me out...



1... (ok, it's a stretch but see my pinkie sticking out there?)




3... (yeah, this one is a stretch too but I swear I had my 3rd finger up a split second after this was taken)




and 5!


Count Me In

It turns out I've been counting for a while now. Daddy went back thru the archives and found this sequence from when I was playing with my friend Kate Campbell.



1... (see, there I go again with the pinkie!)








and 5!


Like Mother Like Daughter?

Lisa week 2 vs. Ellie week 7

Everyone has been saying that I look more like Daddy, especially when we compared his baby pics to mine. But then we dug up this pic of Mommy at Week 2 and the resemblence is eerie. We all breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Mommy's genes may just win out after all.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

Time for another edition of Babies Gone Wild. Once again, you get the extended uncut director's version cuz god forbid Daddy should stop filming after 30 seconds. In this vid, Mommy and I stick out our tongues at each other and I looked dumbfounded when she makes weird noises. Watch long enough and you may even catch a smile or 2.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bertolo Babysitting Inc.

Angela, Blythe and Ellie

Angela and Blythe came over to babysit tonight so Mommy and Daddy could hit up Marnie's 30th bday bowling bash. I didn't go -- I don't roll on Shabbas! Daddy was in the groove, rolling a 179 and 193. Mommy didn't fare so well. Let's just say her score in each game was lower than days I am old. Yeah, I wasn't exactly bowled over when I heard that either.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My First Visit to the Psych Ward

Lynn holding Ellie as Kathy patiently waits her turn

Mommy took me to the hospital today to show me around her unit. Here I am with Lynn and Kathy. They're staff, not patients.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ellie's Jeans Is Not My Lover

Auntie Em and Ellie in her new jeans

But I sure love them. Thanks for helping me pick these out, Auntie Em.

Ellie's Jeans

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Arendt We Having Fun?

Ellie and Lynn

Lynn and Bob Arendt came to visit today. They're having their first grandchild soon so they wanted to get in some practice. See how easy it is guys? You get to swoop in, shower gifts and affection and then leave before it's time to change a diaper or cure a cry. All that "rough life" talk I've been spewing -- yeah, that's refering to the role of the grandparent. :)

Chop Chop

The Squid Incident

We went to Chinatown today for Dim Sum. I liked everything except the squid.

Got your head!

Who knew I would be the main course?!?

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Can't Read Chinese

To get the Chinese newspaper. Get it? Me neither. I get the Chicago Tribune. Hyuk, Hyuk.

Hold On I'm Coming

Eliara, Grandma, and Grandpa

Finally, MeeMaw and PeePaw got here. It was so great to see them. After 7 weeks apart, all they wanted to do was hold me...

Ellie and Grandma Marg

And hold me...

Safe in Grandma's arms

My How You've Grown

Ellie and Grandpa Gary

I'm referring to Grandpa's beard, of course. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Monkeying Around

Mommy and Auntie Em at Lincoln Park Zoo

Mommy and Auntie Em took me to the zoo for my 3rd date with Leo J Spiegel.

Leo Spiegel

Leo watched with amusement as I tried to make him jealous by cozying up to a couple of brutes...

Ellie monkeying around

I was having a gr-ape time with this one so I let him give me a ride home...

Ride that funky monkey!

Sweatin' to the Nebwies

Ellie doing her best Richard Simmons

What's old is new again...

Richard Simmons doing his best Richard Simmons

Will It Go Round in Circles

Ellie's wall art

Check out the cool wall art Mommy and Auntie Em made for my room. Pretty fancy, aye?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Thoughts

Ellie smiling

I'm so excited to see Auntie Em and Grandma and Grandpa again. I've been smiling all week.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Daze

What a whirlwind. Great-Uncle Gary hosted a Mother's Day bash and I was a busy girl...

Eliara, Grandpa and Evelyn

Had a little coffee talk with Great-Grandpa Irv and Evelyn.

Ellie and Bex

Multitasked with cousin Becky.

Ellie, Great-Uncle Phil, and Logan

Tried on my foam finger with Great-Uncle Phil and cousin Logan.

Eliara and Savannah

Held on for dear life with cousin Savannah.

Ellie, Ryan, Bubbie and Zayde

Played copy-cat with cousin Ryan.

Ellie and Nonny

Pulled Nonny's finger.

Eliara and Sarah

And monkeyed around with cousin Sarah.