Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chip Off the Old Block

Let's just hope they don't open up America's Next Top Model to boys... if they do, I'm in trouble!

This morning, Mommy and Daddy took me over to the Blocks on the way to the Children's Museum. We had so much fun playing with Brody's toys while he napped, we decided to ditch the museum. Then when Brody woke up, we rekindled our romance. (We're in a relationship on Facebook, ya know.)

So this is what it would be like with 2 kids?!

Mommy had to separate us after things started to get PG-13.

Now I know why Spiedi was going to name their kid, Dunk. Ok, no, I still don't.

After playing in their condo for a while we took a tour of the rest of their building and made a pit stop in the gym. There we worked up an appetite with a little shake and bake followed by jam.

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