Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks for Giving Me Your Attention

Hey, were those cupcakes double wrapped?!?

G.A.S. and G.U.G. hosted Thanksgiving dinner again this year. One of our traditions is to sing to all the late-November Birthdays. Cousin Ryan helped his Uncle Brad blow out the candle. (Another tradition is family Jeopardy which ended this year in a disputed tie. The Pechter/Ellis' had a guaranteed win if they bet nothing in Final Jeopardy but Daddy goaded Brad into betting it all. Noone got it right so we were left with zero. Except for the Farbers, that is, who scored -300.)

Maddie about you

I met my cousin Maddie for the first time. She's a cutie patootie. Believe it or not, she's never had her hair cut -- her bangs just grow perfectly to the brow.

Did you know your daddy once hacked into his high school computer system to change his grades?

Maddie and I wasted no time sharing some QT and gossiping about our crazy families.

Who you callin' a piggy?!?

Cousin Brad showed me what it's like to be in his airplane when he's flying. Someone pass the barf bag!

This must've been what that NWA pilot who overshot MSP by 200 miles looked like

Clearly Maddie is not as exciting a passenger as yours truly. (I was gonna go with the caption, "Just flew in from Vegas and boy are my arms tired" but that was too easy.)

Sara likes to lean in close to try and hear what I'm saying. Little does she know it's mostly babble.

Cousin Sara, as always, was very attentive. Hmm, where have I seen that outfit before? Note to Cousins Rob and Lisa... nothing gets by the Goldman fashion police!

I feel good!

Cousin Ryan continued to edumacate me, this time showing me how to work the remote. Unfortunately, it's for the TV, not the James Brown figurine.

Just a widdle piddle

Uncle Josh, or Joshie as I call him, got so excited to see me, he peed his pants.

How did the fat from your thighs get on mine?

Cousin Rob has lost so much weight, he's borrowing my clothes now.

She hit the flo...

Soon-to-be-Aunt Sara danced with me to that Apple Bottom Jeans song that cousin Brad kept playing.

Wonder if they'll be wearing these yarmulkes to Uncle Noah and Aunt Sara's wedding?

After listening to that song for the 10th time, we all started to go a little crazy.

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