Sunday, February 14, 2010


Finally, after all the suspense (and, by suspense, I mean months of blog lag-time, not any last minute bride/groom cold feet or anything), Uncle Noah and Aunt Sara's wedding day arrived! After putting on my flower girl dress, I got some practice in at the hotel so I'd be ready to walk down the aisle.

At the temple, I posed for a quickie with my other aunts (Goldman aunts, that is) before the ceremony that would officially make Aunt Sara my last aunt. Unless, of course, Auntie Em marries a woman.

Zayde got a little warmup in before the hora!

I helped Uncle Noah clean the floors a bit before the guests arrived.

When I first saw Aunt Sara's beautiful dress, I was mortified. I thought I'd be the only one wearing white!

Great-Uncle Phil takes the best pics!

Bubbie and I kept Aunt Sara company while she greeted her guests during the Tish. Even though Aunt Sara is beaming, I couldn't help wondering if the men were having more fun on their side.

Aunt Sara let me borrow her throne for a few pics. Pay no attention to the $2 sandals.

Aunt Sara taught me the meaning of "tzneus" -- it means modesty. Silly me showing up in a sleeveless dress.

The cardigan didn't last long though (gotta show off the pipes!) and I began my search for something to carry down the aisle.

Hmm, maybe this will do.

I got in a few last practice walks.

When it was time for the real thing though, I got a little stage fright.

So Mommy had to help me make my way.

Uncle Noah and Aunt Sara were hot on my heels. I ducked off to the side and they made their way up to the Chuppah. Then I think they got lost cuz they walked in circles for 7 times before deciding where to stand.

After the ceremony, it was time to boogie. Bubbie and I did a hora-fying dance.

After an hour of dancing, I was worn out and Mommy and Daddy took me to the playroom.

Uncle D stopped by to size me up for some nicer looking shoes than my cheap-o sandals. Geez, Uncle D really is obsessed with my feet.

After a while, even Aunt Sara needed a break from all the dancing.

What an amazing Valentine's Day. As much as it pained me to be away from Leo J on his birthday, this was one VD I'll never forget. (That sound you hear is Daddy biting his tongue.)

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