Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Trot

Guess which one's the turkey?

Got to participate in a Goldman family tradition today -- the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot. Every year we all run/walk 5k together. My Great-Grandma Nicky (who my Hebrew name, Naima, is in memory of) used to run the 10k and always win first place for her age group (of course, she was always the only one in her age group). Grandma Nicky taught elementary school and used to take her class running every morning. Her motto was "keep it up, don't stop." That's what we try to do each year during the Turkey Trot. This year was no exception. Daddy didn't hit the 20 minute mark he was gunning for (which, btw, is well off Zayde's personal best of 17:55) and Great-Grandpa Irv ran into an old friend who slowed him down so, all around, it was a down year but we finished and that's all that matters.

The equivalent of a baby rubix cube. Keeps me busy for hours

After the race we went back to Bubbie and Zayde's for brunch. With Thanksgiving around the corner and all the attention I was getting, I was afraid they were gonna carve me up and eat me. What a fowl thought!

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