Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mommy Punted!

Today, while we were at the beach, I got some incredible news. Daddy was playing ball when Mommy got a phone call. She told me what to tell Daddy and I ran up to him and said, "Mommy punted!" At least that's what Daddy heard. Luckily, Mommy stepped in to clarify that what I meant to say was, Mommy's pregnant!! I'm going to be a big sister! (Turns out the news was credible after all.)

I don't mind sharing this with you even though most people would wait until after the first trimester. No, Mommy's not being cavalier about things... it just so happens that this post was written many months later (Daddy's been too busy at work to help me keep this blog up to date!) and, needless to say, I'm told things in the future have progressed nicely.

So how did I celebrate this incredible news? By burying Mommy's legs of course! That way she can't go anywhere and give birth to anything that's going to take attention away from me!

Looks like Mommy only has eyes for me... good!

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Gamma said...

So much fun to see new pix! I love the way Ellie finishes up a book---instead of "The End", it's "Mas"!