Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow Doubt About It!

Snow What?!

I'm baaaack! Though many years from now, no-one will ever know I was gone. We'll look back at this post and it will appear that only a day had passed since the last one. Alas, those who follow this blog closely know all too well that it has been a long four months that I've been forced to keep a low profile while Daddy worked on his book. Now that his manuscript is in the hands of the publisher and both he and Mommy are equipped with fancy Droid smartphones, you can expect the blogging to resume at a fast and furious pace.

Here are some pics of me at the park taken by Yetty. One nice thing about having the playground blanketed in snow is that it cushions my falls and makes it unlikely that another misstep on the jungle gym will land me in the ER.

Snowbody Knows...

I took a crack at building a snowman. The carrot was supposed to be part of the face but everyone nose that you can't give me food and expect me to do anything but eat it!

Yes, Snow, Maybe So.

When I realized the eyes were edible, you can guess where they ended up. This snowman turned out to be not so grape, after all.

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