Sunday, October 4, 2009

Romp in the Hay

The goat wants my feed baaaaaadly

After working up an appetite, we went over to the petting zoo. Not sure why I was so scared of this goat. I should be used to overgrown soul-patches by now.

Deere in headlights

I'm well-versed on how to operate John Deere equipment thanks to the Hannukah present Grandma and Grandpa gave me last year.

Hey, this is fun! Hey, hay is for horses!

Daddy and I had fun horsing around.

I love this jacket because my cast blends right in

Don't make any hay-sty moves with that arm Mommy!

Something about being here makes me crave meat on a stick!

Why is it so hard to tell the locals from the livestock around here?


grandma said...

So many cute pix of your day at the Pumpkin Patch---can't believe how big Ellie's gotten. I love how "she" is doing her hair these days!

Aaron Goldman said...

How "she" is doing it?!?! C'mon Mom, Ellie's a big girl now. She doesn't need our help. You probably think "she" can't update this blog all by herself too! :)

Have fun in South America. Hope you're able to check the blog while you're out there. Promise "she" will have more posts coming soon.