Saturday, October 24, 2009

La-Z Girl


One of my favorite things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's is laze around the house. OK, not really. That's really Mommy and Daddy's favorite thing to do in Athens. (Which, btw, is how they chose to spend their 5th wedding anniversary today. Boy, they really know how to party!) I, on the other hand, have to be constantly entertained. Thankfully, Emmy's boyfriend Adam was up to the task, letting me play with his fancy camera.

Who you callin' a blockhead?!?

Then Grandpa took over as he went to town on the blocks (literally, he created a town) and Gracie and I took turns knocking everything down.

So THAT'S how you eat those oreos!

My real favorite pastime is eating. And Auntie Emmy kept me well-satiated, er... sugared.

Reminds me of a bad racist joke... Why do black people have white fingernails? So they don't accidentally bite off the tips of their fingers when eating tootsie rolls

Luckily Daddy was occupied on his laptop, otherwise he would've put a stop to this. And by that, I mean he would've just told Emmy to give me the whole cookie!

Hungry Hungry Hippo

There better be more where that came from!

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