Saturday, September 19, 2009

Casting Call

Well my Jewish new year is sure off to a rough start. We went to a park in Skokie with the Azulays and I fell off the jungle gym. It was a new park so I wasn't used to the layout and just fell backwards from about 5 feet up and landed on the wood chips with my elbow underneath my back. I cried for a long time but Mommy and Daddy didn't think anything was really wrong until dinner that night when I only used one arm. When they moved my other arm to put it on the table, I let out a scream that let them know something was out of whack. So they took me to the E.R...

I wonder if the X-Ray machine can remove red-eye?

By this point, it was a few hours past my bedtime. Couple that with the pain and I was not a happy Ellie. They suited up Daddy and me for some x-rays and...

Well this should ensure Daddy gets his wish and converts me to right-handed

Sure enough, my arm was broken. Small fracture in my elbow that should heal just fine but requires a cast nonetheless. The ER nurse made me a temporary cast until we can get an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

X-Rays, T-Rex, Oy-Vey

I took it all in stride and really didn't cry much once the x-rays were over. And I really like the dinosaur sling they gave me.

Looks like Daddy's wearing an oven mitt

All patched up. Can we go back home to our cast-le now?

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