Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pre-Game Games

What about Very Hungry Ellie?

Today was Uncle Josh and almost-Aunt Karen's wedding day! We killed time in the morning hanging in the hotel room and a game of pass the Ellie ensured. First, Aunt Tiff read me the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

What do I want to eat? I donut know.

Then Uncle Noah played teased me with a chocolate donut.

A little nosh in honor of Uncle Josh

Then Sara let me share her bagel.

Feeling hat hat hat

Uncle D played a game of horseshoes with me as the wicket and Uncle Noah's hat as the shoe.

Hatter Up

When it was my turn I took a running start and...

Actually, this game was more like Pin the Black Hat on the Chasid.

...ran all the way up to my target.

Uncle D, what big payus you have

Uncle D and Aunt T showed me the props they brought. Only married a few months and already needing to spice things up! JK, they were part of the wedding shtick.

Take a chill pill-ow

Uncle D and I commenced pillow-fighting.

When you said jump rope, I thought you were talking about licorice!

And then Zayde, Uncle D and I had a go at the jump-rope. Whew, what a morning. Hope I have some energy for tonight!

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