Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday (It's Dad's Birthday Too, Yeah!)

Hey, what's the number for 4-1-1? Not sure, why don't you call information?

Today, Karina took me over to my friend Lily's birthday party. While the rest of the kids played with dolls and balloons, I texted in the max 10 votes for Grandma Lee on American's Got Talent.

Does this farm have a pool or what?!

Lately, I'm known to pitch in with an "E-I-E-I" (hold the "O") during the chorus of Old McDonald. So it was fitting that they had a barn cake. Fortunately, they didn't keep the frosting in a silo.

Messy cake then pool time. Brilliant!

From there, the party really got watered down.

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