Saturday, July 4, 2009

Piggy Wrigley

Why is mommy wearing White Sox colors?

Today was my 3rd Cubs game and first of this season. You might think this pose was intended to capture the Cubs sign in the background but I really just wanted a discreet shot of the mustachioed mullet man.

Best seat in the house

Once again, don't be fooled into thinking that this is a straight-forward photo opp. As much as I wanted to capture my first Cubs game with Great-Grandpa Dave, I wanted to give Daddy a chance to get his bunny ears on.

Yes, daddy had to pay extra for his jeans to be pre-ripped

We had great seats in the first row of the upper deck thanks to cousin Kevin's hook-up. Of course, I found Daddy and his ripped jeans more interesting than the players down below.

Who's afraid of big bad heights?

Even though I wasn't really following the game, Great-Uncle Denny tried to teach me how to keep score. I found a better use for the scorecard, though. Let's just say I was a big fan of its thick cardboard stock.

Meanwhile, the supposedly retired Grandpa Gary furiously typed away on his blackberry

Daddy taught me the time-honored Wrigley Field tradition of throwing back balls hit by opposing teams. He forgot to mention that it didn't apply to foul balls... or peanuts, for that matter!

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