Sunday, June 14, 2009

Booze Clues

Uncle D fishing around to see if I have a sibling coming

Finally the big day arrived. Now I can officially call her Aunt Tiffany. Yay! The wedding was great. I was quiet for most of it. (Read: Mommy fed me continously.) At the reception, my mood soured when Mommy wouldn't share her mimosa.

Building up my tolerance for Passover. 4 cups, no prob.

I knew Uncle Noah was always willing to sneak me a drink so when he and Sara offered me some vino, I chugged it down fast before Mommy and Daddy came back.

I'm told Ari's dad is quite the tickler too

By the time I met Cousin Ari for the first time, I had quite the buzz working.

Yes, officer. I always walk like this.

Cousin Sara tried to help me walk it off but I failed the field sobriety test.

Return to Sender

It got so bad, I started imagining things like Uncle D popping out of a box naked.


Sure enough, I passed out shortly thereafter and slept it off.

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