Monday, May 25, 2009

Prison Break

The Radutnys came over for a playdate today. It was raining pretty hard outside so we were cooped up inside. After a while it felt like we were in jail...

Not what Asher had in mind when he was told we were going to the bars

Asher didn't like having me as his cell-mate and kept trying to break out.

Go ahead, frisk me

I tried to liven things up by doing my best Stevie Wonder impression.

Here's lookin' at you kid

After a while, things starting looking up for Asher.

You've got to give to receive my sista!

Roni was a much better cell-mate and shared her bread and water with me.

Do they let trains in the Taco Bell drive thru?

Finally we busted out on the backs of a train and shopping cart. Now to make a run for the border. That bread and water just weren't cuttin' it!

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