Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stealing Thunder

Eww, Uncle D, you could use a REAL shower

Today was Uncle D and Almost Aunt-T's wedding shower but guess who the center of attention was?

Room with a view

Soon-to-be-Aunt Karen hoisted me up to get a better view, I mean to give everyone else a better view of me!

Is that a puff in your beard?

With Big Man and Uncle Josh in the same room, there was definitely plenty of entertainment!

Where are my presents?

Uncle Noah waited patiently for his turn to hold me and, sure enough, I assumed the position. I'm like the Verizon Wireless guy... can you see me now? Good.

It's the (Goldman) network

Boogie Woogie Woogie

Sara and I got the party started on the dance floor while Uncle Noah showed me the finer points of the Electric Slide.

Too hot to handle

After dinner we played Hot Pot-ellie.

Can't tell who wants to be fed more

Finally it was my turn to eat!

Can't wait til I'm old enough to shower!

Well fed and well attended to, I was a happy girl.

At least Bubbie and I knew where to look!

Thanks everyone for coming to my, er... Uncle D and Almost-Aunt T's shower!

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