Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ready for Round 2

Give it a twirl

After a quick costume change (inclusive of full bath), it was time to open my presents. Cosuin Sara helped me out.

If anyone needs to blow your nose, I've got you covered!

Whee, more tissue paper!

And here Grandpa thought the days of my projectiling where over!

I used one of the ribbons to pull the ole fake sneeze trick on Grandpa.

Hey Ellie, there's a sticker on your back... psych! Oh.

On the heels of my devilish (good) looks and excorcism, I've now been branded Psycho Baby.

Triple the pleasure

Much to my surprise (not really) and delight (no, really!) Mommy and Daddy got me 2 new big toe dolls for my b-day. Now I've got one for every occasion.

Sweet Mandy B's in da house!

Yes, we had a separate cake for everyone else so they didn't have to eat my leftovers...

And I would've finished it if Mommy hadn't yanked it away!

Is that pleather?

Before we called it a day, er... par-tay (my sugar rush was dying down!), we assembled some of the cast of characters for some parting shots. First up was Great Grandpa Irv.

Lend me your ear

Next up was Bubbie, Grandma, and Cousin Ryan -- who showed us his Macarena.

The acronyms aren't kind to G.A.S and G.U.G.

Great-Aunt Sue got in on the action while Great-Uncle Gary lurked.

Smiles all around

Then we did one with just the Neiman girls.

Sans spit

Finally, I posed with Grandpa before calling it a wrap. Needless to say, I was party-pooped!

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