Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now Presenting

Over the shoulder not far away

How embarassing! I'm wearing the same outfit 2 blog posts in a row but a full week apart! I just wanted to show off my new duds for Grandma and Grandpa. They came to town today with Auntie Em and showered me with early birthday gifts.

Ready? OK. Give me an E...

As you know, my favorite part of presents is opening them. I had a blast with this tissue paper and starting rehearsing a routine for when I'm a cheerleader.

What? No matching scarf? Sheesh, Auntie Em, you've been slacking!

Check out this cool outfit Auntie Em knitted for me. Aren't I just the picture of fashion? I've even got that "too cool for school" model look down.

I can see the light!

One of my presents was a book that makes noises. Grandma read it to me while I basked in the glow of all the attention... and the sunlight!

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