Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Solid as a Rock, er... Rice

Can't wait til I'm ready for Frosted Flakes!

Mommy and Daddy fed me my first solid food today -- rice cereal. I had to wait til 6 months for this because of my cow's milk allergy. Apparently that makes me more prone to food allergies. Other things I have to wait on... milk (1 year), eggs (2 years), peanut butter (3 years). So I guess I won't be able to have my first PB and egg sandwich washed down with milk for quite some time.

Check out this short video (short by Daddy's standards, that is... if you've ever sat thru one of his epic videos, you'll know what I mean) of me in all my solid food eating glory...

I didn't quite finish everything in my bowl. Nor everything on my face for that matter...

Saving some for later

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