Friday, August 29, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Nothing makes me smile like the smell of fresh pastries (Ron works for Le Chef Bakery)

Mommy and Daddy's friend Ron aka Ronny Ron aka Mo aka Almighty came in from Vegas to pay his respects. He's a big fan of my blog and will be psyched to see his picture up here. I know this whole idea of sharing every day of my life is a novel concept to a guy born and raised in the city with the slogan, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Don't worry Mo, when I come out to visit you, I'll be sure to leave the camera at home!

1 comment:

rfleekop said...

It was great meeting you Eli. Next time I will rap with your father and we will get down...get down.

Don't forget to treat your parents good. They love you lots!!! G-Dog must be happy because you like your sleep. That is one of your dad's favorite past-times.

Ron ;)