Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bleeding Cubbie Blue, er... Pink

Don't you think Carlos Zambrano would look good in this uniform?

Got all dolled up for my 2nd Cubs game of the year. Last time I went I slept the whole time but brought the Cubs victory. Not so on either count this time around...

Hiding from the paparazzi

I've developed a bit of "stranger danger" and from the opening pitch, er... sight of CUV, I started crying and never regained my composure. Mommy and Daddy tried to calm me down by avoiding the crowd and sitting in the restaurant with me covered up in the Baby Bjorn. But there was no getting over this one. Just too many people and loud noises.

Holy Cow, even the statue smells like Budweiser!

We ended up leaving in the 5th innining. The Cubs went on to lose but the day was not a complete failure. We did manage to get this nice pic at the Haray Caray statue on our way out of Wrigley.

Alright, let me hear ya! A-one a-two a-three. Take me out of the ballgame. Take me away from the crowd...

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