Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can You Hear, er... See Me Now?

Where is Ellie? Where is Ellie? Here I am.

Here's another Where's Waldo for ya. This time though, I'm not telling you which one is me. Leave your guess in the comments section and I'll let you know next week who got it right.

Update: Auntie Em has bad eyesight and asked for a larger version of the pic so now if you click on it, you'll see a full-sized picture.

Update 2: Just realized that the post I had immediately before this one of me and Daddy playing Peekabo was a giveaway becase you could see what outfit I was wearing at this party. So I removed that post and now you can't cheat!

Update 3: OK, time for the big unveiling. Godro and Rachel... you're right! That's me in the top row second from the right. Good guess! You win the right to change my diaper next time I see you! :)

Update 4: Published the peekabo post again now that this game's over.


auntie em said...

Oy. I wish the pic was a bit bigger. But my guess is 2nd from the left.

Aaron Goldman said...

good guess but wrong!

Anonymous said...

godro says second from the right in the back

Cousin Rachel said...

Ok, my guess is top row second from the right (just like the anonymous person said before me but I swear I'm not copying them). :)